Always More Shop Announcement

Wow. After announcing our tough decision to close down the Always More shop for the foreseeable future, we received an unbelievable outpouring of support and love from our incredible community. Our remaining shop inventory sold out just days after announcing and we have officially stopped taking orders.

"I hope the shop closing doesn’t stop any of you from spreading the ALWAYS MORE message. The beautiful thing about encouragement is that it’s free to give, but it could be of infinite worth to the person receiving it. And that’s what I hope ALWAYS MORE will always be."

- Audrey Roloff

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Always More Shop Closure

Frequently Asked Questions

After much consideration and prayer, we will be closing our online retail store for the foreseeable future. This was an incredibly difficult decision and one that was not taken lightly. While the shop might be closing, the mission of Always More is still as important as ever and we will always stand behind it! Also, although no plans are made at the time, the shop may be utilized in the future for specific apparel endeavors or projects.

Not at this point. Our sale will be the last opportunity for the foreseeable future to purchase Always More apparel.

During our clearance sale, all items will be final sale and will not be eligible for return or exchange. Please be mindful of this as you make your purchase.

Please see Audrey’s video on the @shopalwaysmore Instagram account for more details.

Follow Audrey on Instagram at @audreyroloff or head over to for the latest!


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